Few people outside the travel industry realize that tourism is, by many measurements, the largest industry in the world. It employs directly and indirectly more than 20 million persons, at all skill levels, in virtually every country on the planet. When "done right", it supports sustainable development, community improvement, cultural exchange and international understanding. That's why we're committed to tourism and its potential.

While a good deal of the material found on the following sites are of primary interest to professionals in the travel business, travelers -- or those thinking of entering the tourism field -- also can find information and resources of interest and value. Some of the sites are better than others, but this is the one links section, aside from the collection of our users' nominations, where we've included all the major organizations, regardless of the quality of the site, because even the unglamorous ones have something to offer.


Associations - International

Adventure Travel Society

Association of Travel Marketing Executives

Australian Federation of Travel Agents

Cruise Lines International Association

International Air Transport Association

International Association of Conference Centers

International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus

International Hotel and Restaurant Association

International Institute for Peace through Tourism

Pacific Asia Travel Association

Travel and Tourism Research Association

The Universal Federation of Travel Agents' Associations

World Tourism Organization

World Travel and Tourism Council


Associations - USA

Air Transport Association of America

American Hotel and Motel Association

American Sightseeing International

American Society of Travel Agents

Association of Corporate Travel Executives

Association of Retail Travel Agents

Federal Aviation Administration

Institute of Certified Travel Agents

National Business Travel Association

National Restaurant Association

National Tour Association

Society of American Travel Writers

Travel Industry Association of America

United Motorcoach Association (USA)

US Tour Operators Association

Other Regional Associations

Association of British Travel Agents

Association of Business Travelers (Hong Kong)


Travel Trade Media

Canadian Travel Press

Travel Weekly Crossroads

Web Travel News


The Thoughtful Traveler






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