United Nations Conferences and Events The UN's conference and events - for events at UN's headquarters, webcasts, calendar, UN Journal (program of daily meetings).


Agora Language Marketplace - Getting the itch to learn a new language? Start here to find the resources and tools to do just that, from materials you can order, to language schools and workshops and study abroad opportunities.

Ethnologue - The Ethnologue is an ambitious project sponsored by the Summer Institute of Linguistics to catalogue more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. Ethnologue indexes languages and dialects according to geography and language family.

Slanguage - Fun site of top 10 slang terms in a number of languages. The guide also offers pronunciation tips.

Travlang's Foreign Languages for Travelers - Take a short online tutorial to learn the basics of any of more than 70 languages available at this site. You can find nearly any language, from French and Portuguese to Zulu and Bulgarian. Created by the same people who brought you the online Travlang's Translating Dictionaries.

Travlang's Translating Dictionaries - Free online translating dictionaries in more language combinations than you will ever have need for! Also, download a FREEware multi-lingual dictionary for your own desktop.


International Institute for Peace Through Tourism whose aim is to bring leaders together from all areas of travel and tourism, public and private, academic and NGO, as well as related sectors including culture, environment and development. This demonstrates support of the world's largest industry for a continuation of the Peace Process in the Middle East and other regions of the world and to foster a "Culture of Peace through Tourism" in support of the UN International Year for the Culture of Peace.

International Student Travel Confederation a non-profit confederation of student travel organizations from around the world whose focus is to develop, promote and facility travel among students and young people alike. Lots of valuable information.

OneWorld is a non-profit network behind the world's leading web portal for human rights and sustainable development.


Diamondway-buddhism - Here you have Buddhism at your fingertips.

InnerSelf.com - Over 800 articles on spirituality, holistic health, all types of intimate relationships, general astrology related themes, bi-weekly horoscopes.

NewAgeTravel.com - Tours for transformational travel to sacred places.

Spiritual Endeavors - A wealth of information, insights & understanding encompassing the spiritual, holistic & environmental.

Tools for Wellness - Resource for alternative health and information on wellness.



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