A World Away - This site is chock-full of information about air travel and everything related to it, from airports, to time zones, to airplane specs. Before you leave for the airport, check this site's list of the "Top Ten Things People Forget When They Travel", learn about how planes fly and entertain yourself with the site's collection of airport jokes. A wonderful resource for the world traveler.

Airlines.com - Access a comprehensive links listing of airlines worldwide. The service is easy-to-use and provides helpful information about each airline's destination, contact information and website where you can find special promotions.

AirTreks.com - There are only a handful of credentialed U.S.-based companies in around-the-world travel and San Francisco's AirTreks.com is one of the best. The site's nifty trip planning engine is dreamworthy.

The Trip.com - Find a Flight and updated flight information online (current on-time information within eight to 10 minutes).

Web Flyer - The Frequent Flyer Authority - Frequent flyers unite! Bookmark this page and stay on top of your frequent flyer miles. This site delivers news of interest to the frequent traveler and tips on how to earn and use your hard-earned miles.








Internet Ferry Guide - While this site is nothing fancy, it contains a comprehensive list of ferries with live links to those operators who have an online presence. Email addresses and/or forms for more information, too.


Greyhound - Find out when the next bus goes back home.

UMA.org - The official website of the United Motorcoach Association. Find Motorcoach Facts & Figures, Advantages of travel by Motorcoach, Consumer Checklist,and profiles of UMA members.


Amtrak - Amtrak serves more than 500 communities in 45 states throughout a 22,000 mile route system in the United States.

Eurostar - Trains linking London, Paris and Brussels.

Orient Express Trains and Cruises - The name alone inspires mystery and intrigue. Travel on the Orient Express through Europe, Southeast Asia and more.

Rail Europe - For rates and booking online for your Eurailpass, Europass, France Railpass and more.

Railfan - The Designer of this website probably used to work as an engine driver but he knows where to find the good stuff.

Ribbonrail.com - 4200+ links for rail travel mainly in North America but also including some international links in the categories: manufacturers, layout tours, modeling, clubs, hobby shops, photo galleries, modern railfanning, golden age, historical society, tourist sites, official industry and more.


RV.net is network of RV sites dedicated to serving enthusiasts of the open road.

Overseas Motorhome Tours - Discover Europe by RV with the authors of the best-selling travel guide Exploring Europe by RV, Dennis and Tina Jaffe, to Europe. Amazing state of the art web-design is combined with substantial RV resources.

RV - Advice - Find answers to all your Motorhome-questions, and resources about RV travel, manufactures, terminology and even RV humor.


Shipboardcruiser - Whether you are an avid cruiser or novice this is a good source of information on planning a cruise.

Space Adventures

Space Adventures - From sub-orbital space flights to flight adventures at 82,000 feet on a MiG-25 to zero gravity flights and terrestrial tours. Yes, this is for real.


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