TRAVEL.ORG - Online Directory with airlines, agents, lodging and destinations.

World Travel Guide - Great travel information about destinations all over the world.


AfriCam - AfriCam takes you along for a ride unrivaled on the World Wide Web. Get up close to Africa's wild creatures, explore Africa's underwater life, and experience a virtual safari through Africa's game reserves via AfriCam's network of webcams.

International Bicycle Fund - Travel Guide to Africa by Bike - Traveling across Africa by bike may seem like a crazy idea, but the IBF says it is do-able ... and one of the most rewarding ways to discover Africa. This site offers a country-by-country guide to bike traveling and provides general tips about cultural sensitivity and how to stay safe.

NewAfrica Travel - Discover the natural riches, diversity and adventure that the vast continent of Africa offers. A quick glance at this website immediately shows the immense breadth of options for the curious and adventurous traveler. This travel portal is part of NewAfrica.com, which was recently named by WoYaa! and UNESCO, as the top public information site about Africa.

Safari.net - Build your own Africa adventure or use the Safari Finder to find a Safari vacation just for you. Access Safari.net's handy safari tips and get expert advice. Safari.net is the official partner for the South Africa National Parks.

South Africa & Namibia Online Guide - An excellent source for practical advice on traveling in Southern Africa. The information is relevant and well edited and not bogged down with too much information. A pleasure to browse through.

TravelNotes.org - Another comprehensive source for country-by-country information about Africa. This site also includes great resources not found in others, such as a list of cybercafes and a currency converter. This site is also fun! Listen to each country's national anthem, familiarize yourself with the geography of the continent, and take a travel quiz. Plus, order free travel brochures from TravelNotes' database of tour operators.


Asian Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau - The mystique of the Far East draw many to Asia. Start here on your discovery of the rich history and diverse cultures of Asia by accessing the official country and city destination sites of East Asia.

Nepal - The official Web site of the Nepal Tourism Board and a superb resource for Himalayan-bound travelers. Namaste!

Suite101.com - Asia Travel Adventures - Live vicariously and get lost in the yarns of travel tales skillfully interwoven by the reflective William Collings about his travel experiences in all parts of Asia, from Jordan to Tibet to Korea. This site also includes its own roster of carefully selected links to websites about Asia. Well suited for the thoughtful traveler.

Central America

Costa Rica Tourism Board - Costa Rica a wonderful destination for birding, rainforest hikes, mountains and water activities.


British Tourist Authority - Official guide to Britain. If you are an American, visit the USA Gateway to Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at www.travelbritain.org. For an innovative splash screen visit UK Travel at www.great-britain.org .

Castles on the Web - Admiring old and beautiful castles and other medieval dwellings is often a part of one's trip around Europe. This site is a wonderful directory of castles, palaces and great homes in Europe. You will also find listings of churches and abbeys and other subjects related to medieval Europe.

Eurotrip.com - Backpacking in Europe. Detailed Hostel reviews, destination Information, cheap flight tactics, packing and travel tips, live travelogues, discussion board and amazing link-section.

German-way - This site offers useful information if Austria, Switzerland or Germany is on your itinerary.

GoScandinavia - Is the official Website of the Scandinavian Tourism Board. Introduces the possibilities for traveling in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland.

Greenland - Official guide to Greenland, one of the most amazing and unexplored places on earth.

Visiteurope - Guide for travel to Europe presented by the European Travel Commission containing facts, news, highlights of the 29 European member countries with links to their official tourism websites plus Calendar of events and lots of planning tips.

Wandering.com - Guides you with stories and images through famous Italian cities and you can post messages in the user forum.

Wonderful Copenhagen - Has virtual tour of Copenhagen.

Latin America

Costa Rica Expeditions - Award-winning eco tour operator takes adventurers on an unforgettable trip exploring the diverse flora and fauna of this Central American nation. View CRE's collection of customized trips, get to know their experienced guides, get tips on traveling in Costa Rica.

Planeta.com - Eco Travels in Latin America, Central America.

Travel Latin America - Provides leisure and business travel resources, feature articles, and links for countries within the region.

World Headquarters - Promoting travel in Central America, including maps, message boards, professional photographs.

North America

The Islands of the Bahamas -The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands, one more breathtaking than the next. Visit some of the big island of Grand Bahamas, Abaco, Andros or visit Bimini with great fishing and diving. Romantic Bahamas!

Northern Alaska Tour Company - Travel to the very northern region of Alaska and explore the vast expanse and wilderness of Alaska's Arctic.

Pacific Ocean

Hong Kong - The City of Life is Hong Kong with great shopping, fabulous restaurants - one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

CAMELL Expedition - This is an expedition of Australia on camelback to help promote environmental awareness on a local level. How great is that?


ArcticCircle - The Arctic Circle Website is an index of natural resources, history, culture, social equity of the area commonly associated with the 66th parallel and above - the geographic ring crowning the globe. Offers also Virtual Classroom and Arctic Forum.

Escape from America Travel Pages - Going abroad permanently? This site is directed towards the American planning or just thinking about moving abroad. Read articles offering advice and personal stories on everything from adopting a child from abroad to becoming an Italian citizen.

Glacier - Website all about Antarctica and the part Antarctica plays in our global system of weather and climate and oceans and geology! The site is intended to introduce you to the Antarctic and the brave souls who are investigating that vast, frozen continent.

NASA - Antarctica - This electronic tour designed for young students offers photos and information from the long-term ecological research project.

NASA - Oceanography - Oceanography from the Space Shuttle is a pictorial survey of oceanic phenomenon visible to the naked eye from space. Originally published in 1989, it is now out of print and only available on this web site.

Npolar.no - This Norwegian site is about the arctic continent. The Polar Institute is Norway's central institution for research, environmental monitoring and mapping of the polar regions. The Norwegian Polar Institute has roots back to 1906 when the first scientific expedition to Svalbard took place. The geographical area was extended to include Norway's claims in the Antarctic in 1948.

Startrails - Heading for the stars? Features daily news about NASA research, live sky events, space weather, and opportunities for readers to participate in real NASA science.


Capitals.com - Atlas and descriptions of countries.

National Geographic - Discover nearly 1,800 ways to see, and print, the world.



Web cams

AfriCam - Watch wild animals such as lions, elephants, game, leopards or giraffes on 16 web cams located in various African National Parks.

Aish.com - Live Web cam of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The site offers facts about the wall and you can place a prayer in the wall via the Internet.

Frauenkirche - The "Church Of Our Lady" in Dresden, Germany was bombed in the World War 2 - the web-cam reports the rebuilding of the church what will due to 2006.

Livewebcam - Links to over 2000 web cams in the world.

Tiscover - Links to Austrian web cams - We doubt that there is an uncovered spot in the country.


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