AirTreks.com - AirTreks.com and its alter ego, High Adventure Travel, specialize in RTW (around-the-world) multi-continental treks. Use its TripPlanner to create a custom trip, and enjoy reading the web journals of AirTrek clients.

Expedia - Microsoft's travel site offers air travel, car rentals, hotels, vacation packages and travel tools including itineraries, consolidates and manages customers' frequent travel programs free of charge, currency converter - one of the top online booking sites on the Web today.

JustFares.com - JustFares.com, (formerly Netfares), specializes, in international travel (single and multi-destination intercontinental travel), with custom itineraries, European rail passes, etc.

LastMinuteTravel.comô - Every day, millions of hotel rooms, airline seats, cruise cabins, rental cars, vacation packages, bed and breakfast suites, and event tickets go unsold. With hundreds-of-thousands of just-released travel offers at any moment, LastMinuteTravel.comô provides consumers with instant access to continually updated travel opportunities from brand name providers.

OneTravel.com - Yahoo! Internet Life June 2000 said OneTravel.com was the "best bargain booker." 1Travel.com has come of age and is now known as OneTravel.com.

Priceline.com - As all good Trekkies know, William Shatner is starring in priceline.com's advertising, where you can name your price not only for airfares, but also hotel rooms, rental cars and more.

Travelocity - The two top online travel booking sites, Travelocity and Preview Travel, merged in 2000 and account for at least 40% of all bookings online. Among the many services available are air, car and hotel bookings as well as the best fare finder, itineraries, deals, consolidator fares on travel around the world, airline seat maps with 24-hour customer service.

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